Software Escrow Services

Software escrow is the leading and fastest growing protection for business-critical applications in the market place today. With an ever-increasing reliance upon technology, many companies are facing growing pressure to protect their software solutions from key supplier or maintenance failure.

A simple way to protect those applications is to place them in escrow with an independent third party, such as Software Escrow Services. An agreement is entered into between three parties; the software developer (supplier), licensee (end user) and independent third party. This protects the interests of both the supplier and end user; the end user has a continuity plan in place for the application, and the supplier is seen to be protecting their licensee’s best interests, therefore strengthening the relationship between the two parties.
Why Software Escrow Services?
Software Escrow Services offers a professional yet cost effective solution that involves the secure storage and validation of the supplier’s software source code; and at the same time provides the end user with the confidence and protection that allows them continuity of business should the supplier’s business fail.
We act as a neutral third party between the supplier and end user and therefore the agreement works in the best interests of both parties.
Software escrow services are our core business and we are able to provide the level of service that is sometimes absent with our multi-service competitors.
Licensee (End User) Benefits

Peace of mind of continuity of business.
Protection of the source code should the supplier go into liquidation, or should they fail to deliver to the required service levels.
Professional, cost effective implementation of contracts, tailored to meet the needs of each business.
A validation service, to ensure that the data is not corrupt.
Software Developer (Supplier) Benefits
Business continuity for their customers.
Protection of Intellectual Property Rights.
Straight forward, cost effective implementation of contracts, tailored to meet the needs of each business.
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