Single Licensee Agreements

Single Licensee Agreements are designed for bespoke software applications with just one licensee. The terms of the Agreement are set out and agreed between the supplier, the end user and Software Escrow Services. The agreement can be tailored specifically to accurately reflect the relationship between the supplier and end user.

Multiple Licensee Agreement

Our Multiple Licensee Agreements are designed (in the majority of cases) for suppliers, whereby the supplier would negotiate the terms of the Agreement with Software Escrow Services, and once the Agreement is in place between the two parties, any licensee of that software supplier’s application would be eligible to join the Agreement, upon confirmation from the supplier.

Basic Validation

As part of our Single Licensee and Multi Licensee Agreements above we provide basic validation of the source materials being deposited, to ensure that the material is accessible.

The testing also scans the data for viruses, ensures that all passwords provided are correct and the files are accessible. Should the data fail any of the basic validation checks, the supplier will be notified and replacement data deposited. The new deposit will again be checked until Software Escrow Services is satisfied that the data is accessible and virus free. This test will be provided as standard procedure for each subsequent upgrade deposited under the agreement.

Full Validation

Whilst the basic validation test confirms that the data is accessible, it does not guarantee the code will work should a release event occur. Therefore, in addition to the basic validation, we also provide a full validation service. Full Validation ensures that the source code can be built correctly into the target application as expected by the end user, should a trigger event occur. This process involves one of our consultants attending the supplier’s site, where they will audit a full re-build of the code into a working application. A representative from the licensee’s site is then invited to carry out functionality testing to ensure it is the correct software application. Once the full validation is completed, the source code will be deposited into escrow. The time taken to complete a full validation can vary according to software type and size of application.

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